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About Mary

"Do you remember to dream?"

I dreamed of being an astronaut and traveling the world. Then I forgot how to dream.
I’ve spent many years working hard to make a stable life with a good job, rewarding pay, a loving partner, a healthy and happy child, and a home within my means. I had the certificates and enjoyed 30 years of business and corporate life.
I made endless to-do lists and struggled to fulfill all of the roles I added to my life. My goal was to be the best person I could be and hope that everyone liked me. By most measures, I was successful. I had achieved my goals. I was good.
Then one day, I was horrifically reminded that life is short. That all the planning in the world cannot ensure happiness. I was lost.
I forgot to dream.
Being happy was never on my list. To enjoy the moment. To find joy in the day. To see what I love.
So, I spent time with a coach finding what I value—learning about my true essence—looking for what I love—speaking my truth—making changes—building a joyful life. I continue every day learning how to do this.
I want to share with you what I have learned. To help you look at what you ignore and say what is unsaid. I can then show you how to move into your chosen life.
I would love to be your coach and help you find your way.

Mary Helen Murphy



Mary is certainly doing what she is meant to do.  Mary did not tell me but actually "coached" me to make my realizations and epiphanies which has helped me with so many aspects in my life. She has a great demeanor and perspective and brings that and so much more to the table!

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