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Plot The novel begins on a spacecraft in deep space near Mars with the manned missions to Mars nearing completion. At the beginning of the novel, Astronaut Mark Watney is presumed dead after a fierce storm, and he is being left behind. He has managed to power the Mars lander with a solar-powered generator, and he believes he has enough time to survive until a supply ship comes. After only two weeks, however, the supply ship returns empty and Astronaut Johnson—who is suspicious of Watney's survival—decides to search for him. Meanwhile, under the guise of Mars rescue, the ship drifts into the atmosphere of Mars, where there is a thin oxygen atmosphere. When Johnson lands the ship on Mars, he begins searching for Watney, hoping that an astronaut would be in a position to tell them what happened to the supply ship. Meanwhile, Watney has been hiding in a crater, watching the Sun slowly rise, and with his supply of food and water almost gone. He considers making a break for the base, but realizes that he has nowhere to go. After a few days, he spies Johnson's ship floating in the sky and decides to go up to greet him. As he floats near Johnson's ship, Watney spots a rover, attached to the ship and has the same idea as him. He arrives at the ship only to find that the crew is gone, and they have left the door open. Before he can react, Johnson enters the ship and is struck by a beam of light, apparently paralyzed. Watney is forced to perform a complex series of operations in order to save Johnson. At first, Johnson begins to recover from his apparent paralysis, but then becomes increasingly delusional and eventually begins attacking Watney. After several unsuccessful attempts to escape, Watney is forced to kill Johnson. Watney continues to struggle to survive, eventually finding a group of Chinese immigrants living in a settlement on a nearby planet, The Republic of Texas. He finds that the air is thin but the settlements are large and there is a surplus of supplies and oxygen to last for several years. However, when he brings his solar panel to them, they chase him away, shooting him as he flees. He survives the fall and wakes up on the ground. He begins to live in the wilderness of the Republic of Texas, making a living by hunting and gathering food. Two years pass and NASA decides to send a rescue party to find him. Astronaut Shannon Shepherd and crew



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HD Online Player (The Martian (English) Movie Hindi Du) verqui

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