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Life, Grief, and End of Life Coaching


The journey of finding one's own personal truth is one of the most vulnerable and liberating things you can do for yourself.

Are you working through loss or grief?

Are you a caretaker who constantly puts others first?

Are you an empty nester trying to figure out where you fit?

Have you checked all the boxes in your life and are wondering what's next?

Do you regularly over-extend or over-commit?

Are you a super-pleaser who says yes to everything but you?

Are you dissatisfied with where you are in life?

Do you want someone in your life who will really hear you and help you get where you want to go?


Mary Helen Murphy, CPCC, ACC

Dreamer and Coach

Hey there! I'm Mary, and I'm thrilled to be your personal and professional coach. I've been through it all myself, and I understand the challenges you're facing. My mission is to help you find what truly matters to you, put yourself first, and reclaim your happiness.

Whether you're looking to discover your true desires, navigate the complexities of grief and loss, or regain control of your life, I've got your back. As a former corporate executive, truthful widow, imperfect mom, and empathic caregiver, I bring a wealth of personal experiences and expertise to our coaching sessions. Together, we'll embark on a transformative journey where you'll rediscover your passions, prioritize self-care, and embrace a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.


I offer a range of coaching packages tailored to your specific needs, including sample sessions, 3-month and 6-month programs, exploration of Inner Critics, and specialized Grief Coaching. Whatever you're going through, I'll provide unwavering support and guidance every step of the way. Let's unlock your extraordinary potential and create the life you've always envisioned. It's time to take that first step towards a brighter future – reach out to me today and let's get started!

This was my first time working with a coach, and it was a good experience. I would gladly do this again. Mary was able to guide me through a process on a topic where I was stuck. She helped me look at the issue through different perspectives and come up with next steps. I am excited to move forward again!



Recommended Reading


I'm an avid information gatherer, finding comfort and guidance in ideas from books, magazines, and online sources. Check out my favorite reads at the link to my favorite local bookshop Gilbert and Ivy .

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