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Coaching Vs Therapy

Coaching and therapy have distinct focuses and approaches. According to the International Coach Federation, coaching is a collaborative process that inspires clients to reach their full potential, focusing on visioning, success, and moving forward. In contrast, therapy aims to identify and address psychopathology, exploring the past to understand the present and developing emotional management skills.

While therapy helps manage emotions, a coach takes a different approach. A coach helps you name and process your current emotions, allowing them to be present and then exploring how you can use those emotions to drive your desired actions and outcomes in life.

To illustrate this difference, imagine planning a road trip. If you consult a friend who is a consultant, they would ensure you have all the necessary supplies and preparedness, like a car manual and essential items. Similarly, a therapist friend would explore your past experiences with driving, looking into any incidents and associated emotions, and helping you manage anxiety or concerns.

However, when seeking guidance from a coach friend, they would acknowledge your preparedness and then dive into the exciting aspects of your journey. They would ask where you want to go, what you want to do, and what would bring you joy along the way. The coach would also explore any road blocks holding you back and even more importantly, they offer to ride along with you.

What is Coaching?

The Co-Active Model


The coaching model I follow is called the Co-Active Model. It is based on the belief that everyone is already whole, creative, and resourceful. In other words, you have the solutions and answers within you. As a coach, my role is to ask thought-provoking questions and provide guidance to help you uncover those answers for yourself.

I have received my training through the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI). The CTI's Co-Active Professional Coach Training series is highly regarded as the most comprehensive and respected program in the coaching industry. With a track record of training over 65,000 coaches, including professionals from numerous Fortune 100 companies, CTI is recognized as a leader in the field of professional coach training.

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