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Coaching Packages

We will work together to find the right approach for you and then grow from there.

A typical coaching package will help you to envision your desired future and discover your unique values. You will uncover your purpose in life and what powerful inner resources you have to accomplish your goals. You will learn to recognize and manage your inner critics. When stuck, we will identify your current point of view and then explore alternative perspectives to help you move forward. You will make conscious grounded choices, a strategy, and an action plan for your most fulfilling life.


  • Envision your desired future

  • Discover your unique values

  • Uncover and connect with your purpose in life

  • Discover your powerful inner resources

  • Identify your current point of view

  • Explore alternative perspectives

  • Make conscious grounded choices to view a situation in a more empowered, creative, and resourceful way

  • Create a strategy and action plan around how you will be and what you will do

  • Declare commitments

  • Design accountability around your actionable plans

  • Gain back the means to experience the richness and full texture of life in every moment


And I will be there to sit with you, guide you, and celebrate your wins!


Sample Session - Free

Want to see what coaching with me is all about? Let's talk and discover your values together!


3 Month Package

Includes a 90-minute Discovery session followed by weekly 1-hour sessions and a 90-minute Completion session.


Inner Critics: Survey and Review

Focused learning about your saboteurs, our inner critics, using the Positive Intelligence tools. Includes a personalized survey and learning about your unique inner critics. Name them and then quiet them for greater productivity and happiness.

6 Month Package

Includes a 90-minute Discovery session followed by bi-weekly 1-hour sessions and a 90-minute Completion session.

Grief Coaching

If you are suffering, I’m here to join you on this journey, listen to your story, and help you find hope and growth in the midst of your loss.  

Options - 1, 4 or 8 session packages available

Yoga for Grief
Yoga is a powerful tool to help you deal with sorrow following loss by addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual effects. Experience easy and gentle movement practices, learn how grief can be manifested in our bodies, and receive support for release.
Apr 16, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Grand Rapids,
1119 Burton St SE Suite 100, Grand Rapids, MI 49507, USA
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