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Why choose the hard path?

I am sitting with the word easy today.

Easy feels like a bad word. When did that happen?

I don't feel well today. I received my first COVID vaccination yesterday, and I am thrilled. But today, I feel like the best I can do is shower, put on my fleece snowman pajamas, and putz through my to-do list with the hope that I accomplish enough.

So, I worked on all of the tasks on my lengthy list. I then rewrote the list so that it would be pretty for tomorrow. I made scary calls to potential new clients. I went to a zoom meeting with my hair wet, no makeup, and my pj's. I did as many things as I could.

What is enough?

The last task on my calendar today is to write this blog. I try to write them far in advance, but I didn't do that this time. I have a handful of drafts but decided they weren't good enough. I hadn't worked hard enough on them. I have a mom story written and thought, "I'll just use that." But then that little voice in my head said, "What? That is a cop-out. You can't take the easy way out."

Why the hell not? Really. Why not?

I want to write the best blog ever written and change someone's thinking, or give them a life-changing gift, or hear a dozen people say, "oh my goodness, me too!". But who the hell am I to know what anyone's reaction will be or how it will impact them?

What if the gift I have to give today is that it is okay to take a break, take it easy and not work so hard? Guess what, you can do that. I give you permission.

Heck, give yourself permission.

A friend shared this with me – "Rest is an act of resistance." I wish it weren't. Let's learn to rest.

Question the fact that something has to be done today or at all.

Rest with me, friends. Resist the temptation to do more.

Take it easy.

P.S. I gave my editor the week off again. She'll be back next week correcting my grammar and helping me write better.

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