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Book Recommendation - Dare to Lead

I just finished Dare to Lead by Brene Brown and highly recommend it to anyone who leads a project or team at work. This is my first book by Brene, and I wish I had found her years earlier.

Brene provides tools to understand how to invest in vulnerability ad emotions to help avoid unproductive and ineffective relations - contrary to what I was taught.

Learning how we all "armor up" versus leading authentically impacted me personally and forced me to review how I communicate with my family and peers. Understanding that we are not responsible for others' emotions is a gift I look forward to practicing as I unlearn my people-pleasing ways.

Be ready to learn an overwhelming number of practices, tools, and suggestions. I was a bit overwhelmed.

You can find this book at my favorite bookseller with the link above, or reach out to Gilbert and Ivy directly for a personal touch and extra help.

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