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Book Recommendation: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

My coach recommended The Big Leap to me more than 5 years ago. I read it then and found it enlightening mainly because my coach had pointed out my "upper limit problems," as the author Gay Hendricks defined it. Mind-blowing. The thought that we could limit ourselves to only a reasonable amount of happiness. Actively stop ourselves from gathering too much joy.

I had never heard of any such thing.

The author suggests that we create needless obstacles and drama in our life when things are going too well or too smoothly. We find something to worry about. Like today when I randomly calculated the number of days I physically see my adult child each year. About 17 now. I didn't need to know that. I was trying to enjoy the last warm fall day on our porch. But all of a sudden, I was sad and missed her presence.

This book is about the author's perspective on how we can release fear to reach our highest dreams and joys. By breathing into our fear and taking action. By learning about our "Zone of Genius" and spending most of our time there. This resonates with finding my purpose and living authentically.

I found an excellent illustration online here. Thank you, Aniak!

I picked up the book again for a reread as I continued searching for my biggest joys daily. They evolve and change.

Keep working toward your biggest joy-filled life, my friends.

You can find this book at my favorite bookseller, Gilbert and Ivy.

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